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Business Management

business development manager in ceasefire industries ltd

having an experience of 6 months as a business development manager in ceasefire industries ltd. the key responsibilities are:- .handling the team of three people acquiring new clients meeting monthly sales target giving presentation to the clients and answering their queries closing the sales follow up in a regular basis

i want to work as a event planner for any weeding organisation like or wedmantra.the reson behind my dream is i love the rituals or costoms of indian weeding .its one of the most awaited day of everyone's life.and i want to be the part of their happiness.its amazing to see the dream weeding in reality like a if you ask a teenage girl that did you ever thought how your weeding will be.she will never say no.because eventhough she dont know when she will be getting married she had started dreaming about that speacial momoment like which flowers will be used,what will be the colour of her dress,how will be the decoration.......its just amazing.i just want to be part of that.


 business devlopment manager
2013 - 2013
 ceasefire industries ltd
  • i am having a 6 months experience as a business devlopment manager
  • my key responsibilities are
  • handling a team of 3 people
  • acquiring new clients
  • meeting monthly sales presentation to new as well as existing clients
  • answering their queries and giving suggestion
  • followup in a regular basis

 vignana jyothi institute of management hyderabad
  • i have completed pgdm with 64% having specialization in marketing and hr.

  • priyanka sahoo
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