Mon 18 Jan 2016

How to Improve Your Resume..
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Objectives section.

Some potential employers will tell you that a clearly written objectives section which shows how your skills and experiences map to the employers needs is 'critical' to gaining an interview.

Highlight your qualifications.

Every resume should have a focus. When applying for an internship or job, it is your responsibility to fully understand the qualifications listed in the description.

Keep the Skills section clear, brief and concise, especially on a technical resume.

Hiring managers will usually skip it because they're more interested in seeing your skills in context, which is in the bullet points of your Experience section.

For some positions, experienced employees may wish to place.

If you're a recent graduate without extensive work experience, you should plan to put it at the top. If you have had more than one career relevant professional position, you need to consider the relative importance of your job experience vs. your academic experience in deciding where to place the Education section. If applying for an academic job, the Education section should, most likely, always remain at the top of your resume.

Use bullet points to display important information.

Although descriptions in a resume can be in paragraph or bullet form, using bullets makes it easier for employers to read and results in a much cleaner looking resume. Each bullet should begin with a strong action verb followed by a concise statement.

Skip all generic statements.

Make sure that most of the content in the resume, right from the job objective, to summary, skill set etc.,  is focused towards the job you are applying for. This will ace your chances of getting the job.

 Resume finesse.

Do not fill the resume with the entire history of your past experiences. Be short and to the point. Your resume should talk about your career goal. Highlight more on sections which project you suitable for more responsibilities in future.

Know the posting or submission requirements.

When posting your resume on a job board such as Monster, you will have specific guidelines on how to post. When applying to an opening, each company will have its own procedures. Some companies require candidates to complete an online application, many require an MS Word document, others will only accept applications via plain text email, and larger companies often use an automated applicant tracking system.

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