Mon 10 Mar 2014

How to protect your information from the WHOIS Lookup tool
By anurag sharma

WHOIS Lookup is a tool that makes it possible to query the information that was used to register a domain name on a server. This is useful for where you are seeking to identify the entities who are behind a domain on the internet. It can be a very powerful and useful tool in the right hands as it allows you to lift the veil on ownership or administration of a website. However, everyone may not like the idea and are not comfortable with having his or her information accessible to the wide public. In some cases, there may be security or privacy considerations to take into account.

It is possible to ensure that your personal and confidential information is protected from people even when registering a domain name. There are ways to ensure that your information is private and inaccessible even to those who are using a WHOIS Lookup tool. The first way is to pay for a private domain registration. There are websites who offer this service. Users pay[...]

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